About ShaRon M. Grayson Kelsey, Esq.

Since I was eight years old, I’ve wanted to be a lawyer and not long after that, I started giving friends advice.  As a native Washingtonian and 1992 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, things haven’t changed much.  I’ve been assisting clients, in the Washington Metropolitan area, for more than 20 years.  My Areas of focus include bankruptcy, estate planning and probate, guardianship, adoption, family law and child abuse and neglect. During my time in practice, I’ve taught numerous legal studies courses, at the University of Maryland University College, including real estate, ethics, legal research and writing, estates and trusts and bankruptcy.  While there, I also assisted with the revision of UMUC’s bankruptcy course after the bankruptcy laws changed in 2005 and single-handedly created UMUC’s Child In Need of Assistance course in 2010.

I am committed to serving the community by providing honest, fair non-judgmental and respectful legal services.   In so doing, I regularly participate in community law events, hosted by area churches and community centers and while doing so consistently provide information and advice on what is the best legal course of action for that particular person and not what would be best for my firms’ bottom line.  I also provide free legal services to those who qualify through local legal aid services.

Years ago, I was approached about writing a blog, so that I might share my knowledge among a wider base of those in need.  Because every case is different and legal answers provided are based upon each individual and specific set of facts, the information provided, within this blog, is not intended to be specific legal advice and there is no legal relationship created as a result of any such posting, comment or response.

The goal is, however, to provide basic general information regarding Maryland law in areas where I have noted misconceptions, misunderstandings and mischaracterizations of the law.  Of course, I regularly note that here is a general lack of knowledge regarding basic aspects of the law as well.  Finally, I hope to educate the public with respect to basic and general procedural legal issues as well.  Most importantly, I will aim to put this information in terms that the “layperson” can clearly understand.

I want to help as best I can, when I can and where I can. I hope that through reading my blog, I will be of some assistance in helping save you time, money, frustration and stress. I also hope to save you from engaging in actions in futility based upon incorrect information.

I hope you read, learn and enjoy!

Thank you for your time. I welcome your comments, concerns or questions. Please take a moment to share.

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