The New Year. A Time to Thank and Recommit to Clients, Old and New.


Thanking All Clients…Old and New!

“Because You Deserve Good Counsel”.  It’s not just a slogan for The Kelsey Law Firm.  It’s a way of doing business.  It’s recognizing that every client, no matter what the situation, deserves the very best that the Firm has to offer.  In abiding by this simple principle, I’ve accumulated quite a few clients and friends over the years.  For that I am truly grateful and want to say thank you.  I want to thank those who have encouraged me, supported me, had faith and confidence in me and most of all those who have chosen me in some form or fashion.  As I enter into the New Year of 2016, I promise to continue with the belief that every client, new or old deserves good counsel by maintaining the very principals that got me here.  More specifically, for all existing and any future client, I will

  1. Welcome, accept and respect every client for who they are, no matter what the circumstance and without judgment or criticism.
  2. Take the time needed to listen carefully, to what every client has to say, so that I may know all that I need to know to handle each and every case to the best of my ability.
  3. Understand that you may need additional time to talk, vent and/or express your feelings, thoughts and opinions.
  4. Respect every client’s time as if it were my own and timely appear for all court appearances, meetings and other legal matters.
  5. Not be cavalier about your legal situation, but realize and understand that while the practice of law is my everyday job, that your legal issue will be stressful and ultimately life changing.
  6. Be available when needed and respond to client calls and messages within a reasonable period of time.
  7. Provide my most honest opinion, regarding the most effective course of action, even if that action is “nothing” and ultimately provides no benefit to my Firm’s financial bottom line.
  8. Never lead you to believe that your favored outcome is likely, when I know that it’s not.
  9. Never make false claims and/or promises of winning or profess to be perfect, but to always commit to doing my level best for every client whenever and wherever necessary.
  10. Research and handle every case, with the same level of care and concern that I would as if the matter were my very own.
  11. Go above and beyond to obtain the very best results possible.
  12. Never advertise and bait you with a seemingly great rate, only to overcharge you later in the process.
  13. Charge a fair price for rendered services and honestly work to bill and save you whatever attorney fee, court cost or expense that I can.
  14. Continue to serve my community wherever I can, recognizing that without my community, there is no Kelsey Law Firm.
A New Year Thank You and Re-commitment!

A New Year Thank You and Re-commitment!

Happy New Year to all my past clients and to any potential new client who may find themselves reading this post and to those potential future clients, should you ever find that you need legal assistance, think long and hard about the type relationship you’d like to have with your attorney and keep these principles (and me) in mind when making your ultimate decision.  Why?  “Because You Deserve Good Counsel”.

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