Winning With a Pen. A Presidential Move Indeed.

PenBlogPicFrom Washington to Obama, many a presidential progress has been made with the stroke of a pen. Like any presidential legal matter, the resolution to any legal case will ultimately call for placing pen to paper.  In fact, such resolution will generally begin with an initial written contact to the opposing side. Depending on the stage of the case, such contact may consist of a formal complaint, answer, discovery request or motion.  It may even be by way of a less formal introductory letter or email. No matter what the form, the communication should always be based upon a solid foundation of knowledge, research, preparation and effective writing.  Over the years, I have found that many a battle may be quickly won by proactively presenting the opposing side with a clear and well-thought out understanding of the law and how it supports your client’s winning position.  Of course, this should be done from the start, as opposed to engaging in that well known, but often inefficient and long drawn out process of litigation.  Worse yet, is finding yourself having to succumb to the last minute pressures of being rushed and/or reactive.

While I don’t “show my whole hand”, in the past several months, I have been fortunate enough to write a series of compelling introductory case summaries and gain successful outcomes for my clients from the very start…….all with just the stroke of a pen.  I’ll admit it’s rare, but what a feeling it is when the other side calls to concede from the start!  This saves me time, effort and most importantly to my client, it saves them money.  Who wants to pay for hours and hours of legal work that could have been avoided?  As for me, referrals from happy and satisfied clients are worth more than most fees I would earn by working on a case that could have been won from the start.

Yes when used correctly, the pen can certainly be “Mightier than the Sword”.  So when you’re ready for me to pull out my sword….. I mean my pen, for your benefit, call me.  Why?  Because you’ll deserve good counsel!

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