Finding Joy at the Courthouse:  A Christmas Eve Reminder.

Finding Joy at the Courthouse.  A Christmas Eve Reminder

Finding Joy at the Courthouse. A Christmas Eve Reminder

For more than twenty (20) years, I’ve walked the halls of a fair amount of Maryland’s county courthouses. Moving quickly about from courtroom to courtroom, fighting the daily battle for each and every one of my clients, suffering from the wear and tear of the seemingly never-ending fight and always hearing people say: You’re a lawyer? I hope to never need you!” But as I recently walked down the corridors of the courthouse and grew closer to the courts’ centrally located Christmas tree, something struck me. While my first thought had always been that a Christmas tree in the courthouse seemed out of place, for some reason this year I just suddenly stopped and stared. Clearly I had been struck by the Christmas spirit and in an instant I had a whole new vision of that tree. For the first time, I clearly saw all of the elements of the holiday season. Joy, hope, love, peace & good will towards men. Yep, I thought, while the courthouse is certainly the beginning of most things controversial, all of the elements of the season are there – wrapped like a beautiful holiday gift. I just needed to slow down and see it. Thereafter, it didn’t take long for me to recall all the trees I had seen while walking from division to division and realize that inside almost every court case exists the joys of the season, but unlike the holidays, they exist year ‘round.

To me, the courts’ most grand tree indicated that the county courthouse positively touches the lives of almost all those who live and work in the area. Just a brief reflection revealed that the courthouse, by and through their hardworking judges, attorneys, law & courtroom clerks and administrative and security personnel, promises and works hard to deliver the elements of the season year round. As a result of that effort, it’s not hard to find a positive outcome, for someone, in each and every single case. Love and joy is regularly found in the family division, following every adoption, custody and guardianship proceeding. Joy and happiness is also found in the clerk’s office following the recording of every new home deed and new business license. Certainly there’s joy and love during the performance of each and every civil wedding ceremony. And yes, I’ve even heard many a client proclaim to have found their ultimate peace and joy following the finalization of their divorce.

Of course peace and protection is also found in the trust division following the appointment of appropriate guardians for those who can’t care for themselves. The District Court brings peace to all those successfully protected from criminal activity and domestic violence. Additionally, the juvenile division provides peace, protection and love, for minor children who have suffered from abusive or neglectful parents. The Orphan’s Court and Register of Wills, regularly provides untold peace to those who have lost a loved one and the Circuit Court, in general, provides the peace of finality from a multitude of actions. No doubt, some of the most joyous occasions, is when the court is able to foster good will towards all men (and women) by promoting and overseeing successful mediations and settlements among the parties. And because I practice bankruptcy so much, I give an honorable mention to the Federal Courts for, where appropriate, providing immediate stress relief, peace of mind and fresh starts by way bankruptcy proceedings, which prevent home foreclosures and financial relief from overwhelming debt.

By no means is this list exhaustive, but I think it gets my point across. No doubt all of these outcomes regularly provide for all of the elements of the season, the most important of which is often times a good silent night. So, when the time comes for you to find your joy in the courthouse, call me. Why? Because you’ll deserve good counsel. Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza and Happy Hanukkah to you all!

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  1. Wow! What a refreshing and heartfelt perspective. I truly appreciate the insight! My hope is that those in the courthouse (service providers or those in need of service) can espouse such appreciation as well.

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